Noosa Shiatsu

Oriental Therapies


Shiatsu is a holistic therapy, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and based on the idea that vital every known as ki (or qi), flows through channels (meridians) in the body.

These channels can be influenced by applying pressure to, or stretching, the body on specific points along these channels, clearing blockages and thereby promoting a healthier functioning of body systems and the body as a whole.

Shiatsu Therapy is used to regulate a healthy body and prevent illness and is also used to address specific health concerns.
Clients are fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing on a futon on the floor, (Shiatsu can be adapted to the chair for the elderly or for others who are unable to get down to floor level), and the practitioner applies pressure to balance the flow of energy, known in Japan as ‘ki’.

The Shiatsu practitioner is looking to restore a healthy integrity to the body’s energy system.

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